Hello! welcome to the first CarmenReine’ post I have been wanting to start a Blog for a very long time now and its finally here. I am so excited to finally have started.

 A little brief  what this blog is about..

My name is Ines Carmen (That’s where the name “CarmenReine” came from) I am an Interior Decorator/ Personal Stylist I help people renovate their space whether it be their home, Office, Shop etc. I have been doing it for a year and a bit now and I absolutely LOVE what I do.  This blog is for people that have a similar interest as me and looking for some inspiration i will be looking at Trends, Furniture, Decoration, interiors and architecture. I will be featuring places I go to and my opinion and also some of the inspiration I find online and I will also be featuring my upcoming projects.


Looking forward to see where this new fun and exciting journey takes us!

Hope You Enjoy!





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